Activities of Football Players’ Agent

A Sports Agent (or football players’ agent) is the person who negotiates, on behalf of athletes, the contracts with sports clubs. He may also receive mandates from sports clubs in order to protect his interests or in order to achieve a specific market goal.

Who is a Sports Agent?
He is a freelance professional who negotiates the interests of the football players, of the sports trainers and/or of the sports clubs during market transactions.

What does he do?

For football players:
• manages negotiations, athletes’ contracts and often all the patrimonial and financial aspects;
• takes care of their public relations and of their image rights;
• suggests his assisted to Sports Directors;

For young football players:
• follows amateurs aiming at becoming professionals;
• recommends his assisted to the various youth sector formations;
• works with parents in order to manage the needs and the potential of their children at his best.

For Sports Clubs:
• offers consultancies during negotiations with other football clubs or when purchasing new football players;
• looks for trainers and athletic trainers.

Why does he do it?
• to protect the interests of football players;
• to protect the interests of sports clubs;
• to integrate young football players among professionals.

Why should you choose Paolofabrizio De Luca as a Sports Agent?
For young and professional football players needing a Sports Agent who can also become a Psychologist, able to give them a sports consultancy, in order to improve their performances, as well as a consultancy of personal growth, contact:
Doct. Paolofabrizio De Luca
Psychologist and Psychotherapist, in 2005 I earned my Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology; I have gained experience and made consultancies in the top European football championship series. Over the years I have followed national and international championships offering psychological sports consultancies as a Sport Psychologist, Mental Coach and Motivator. Since I have established a really empathic relationship with the football players I have helped over the years, I have decided to follow them at 360 degrees and, after attending specific formation courses, I have also started to dedicate myself to the activity of Sports Lawyer (football players’ agent) . I wrote the book “The Great Self-Esteem” (Cuzzolin 2016) and several articles such as: “The Psychology of number 1: the techno-psychological coordination is the secret of champions!”, “The warm up in professional football, a matter between mind and body”, “The agonistic anxiety before the match: handicap or resource?”, “The Sport Mental Coach: a professional to enhance your performance!”, “The Sport Psychologist in Professional Football”.
Young athletes’ parents will find in me not only a sports lawyer, but also a Psychologist, who will follow their children both in their personal and professional growth, behaving as a good father can do, with the right techniques for the full enhancement of their personality. I am sure that a sports lawyer has to believe in the young athlete both as a sportsman and as a person!

Are you a football player, a coach, a manager or a young talent parent?
You are looking for a Sports Attorney, a Psychologist or a Mental Coach to improve your competitive performance

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