The mind can be for athletes, as for humans in general, a powerful ally or at the same time a damaging brake. Training the mind to remain "healthy" is therefore as important as physical training. The Mental Sports Coach is a key figure to optimize performance. 

Some young athletes live this experience, physically and psychologically, with difficulty before the sports competition and those who have an anxious nature are more difficult than others. This phenomenon occurs especially in the minutes before the sporting event!

The phase of the warm-up (also called "conditioning" or, more commonly, "heating") in football, as in other sports, is the physical and mental preparation preceding a performance and/or training and is often an integral part of it. It has a duration ranging from 5 (or even less in the case of sudden changes) to 10-15 minutes and this can vary depending on the outside temperature which could increase the risk of accidents.

To enter  the psychology of “the number one” is extremely fascinating. Today, on the shirts of the goalkeepers in the Serie A and in the Minor Leagues, the number 1 is used less and less. There are even fewer defenders still wearing the number 1 - just consider the choices of Donnarumma (99), Marchetti (22), Reina (25), Hart (21). 

A Sport Psychologist is a professional who uses his knowledge and skills to optimize the performance and well-being of athletes, at individual and collective levels.

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The Ways of Well-being

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