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I am doct. Paolofabrizio De Luca and I am in charge of Professional Sports Psychology above all in the Football field, with experiences and consultancies in the top European football championship series. Together with my staff, I offer consultancies all over the world in English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese language.

Specifically, I am Sports Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Work Psychologist and Psychologist of the Organizations, Psychotherapist, Mental Coach for Professional Football players and Sports Motivator.  I am also a Agent for football players, trainers and sports clubs (FIFA Agent).

I wrote various articles of research and of texts such as “The Great Self-Esteem”, Ed. Cuzzolin, 2016. 

Since 2006, I have been offering psychological sports consultancies for athletes, trainers and managers who want to improve their performances or their Team.

The individual and/or collective consultancies, can be made at the professional office of Naples, as well as in technical centres (both in Italy and abroad), corporate headquarters, associations or football clubs.

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I graduated in Psychology and I specialized in Clinical Psychology and Psychosomatic. I am licensed in Psychology, in Work Psychology, Psychology of the Organizations and of Social Contexts. I earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology.  I conducted classes both as a Motivator and as a Mental Coach. I carry out my clinical activity as a psychologist and psychotherapist, moreover, I offer consultancies in the sports, juridical and work field.

Since 2006, I have been following more than 350 athletes, at an individual or collective level, belonging to these disciplines: football, five-a-side football, women’s soccer, basketball, fencing, motorcycling, swimming, rollerblading, hockey, dance, tennis. I also offered consultancies to professional classical dancers and to lyrical singers (psychosomatics of the voice). Since 2016 I have been the Sport Psychologist of the MV8 Football Academy of Seville, in which young football players can follow annual and biannual courses or short internships in order to improve their performances or to have access to international clubs, of the League or of other Spanish divisions.

In the last years I have specialized in the football field and I followed top football players of major championships both as a sports psychologist, mental coach or motivator: Serie A, Serie B,  PRO League, Spanish League, Spanish League 2, Bundesleague, Premier League, League 1.

I followed athletes taking part in the following competitions:

Olympic Games: fencing, archery;

Basketball: Basketball League Serie A;

Football: Champions League, Europe League, European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games, Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup, African Cup;

Rollerblading : World Championships;

Tennis: Wimbledon Tournament, US Open.

I was the organizational manager and only teacher of Sport Psychology International Masterclass in Practical Mental Training for Professional Footballers (Serie A, B, PRO League, D and League) in november 2016.

I conducted several classes about Self-Esteem, Talent, Biofeedback, Emotional Management, Self-Efficacy, Nutrition and wellness, Psychosomatics, Relaxing Techniques, Mental Training, Goal Setting.



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Paolofabrizio De Luca
Agent of footballers, Sports psychologist, Sports Motivator and Mental Coach
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